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Personalised Lending Offers Vouch For Instant Funding Access

Moment Arrives to Fill Financial Gap - We let you to do so

Never feel disheartened when unprecedented expenses arrive in your life. Loansonclick wants to assure you that your finances are safe and secure. You just need a slight research on internet and easily find us to apply for various unsecured personal loan deals. Whether you need money for holiday purposes or for home improvement, we have readymade loan deals available for you. Explore our website and find your desired financial product. However finding us is not difficult at all.

Here are our commitments:

Bespoke Lending with Better Approach: When you apply here, forget any obstacle in your way. Just keep applying and receive financial benefits.

Flexibility in Lending Terms on Guarantee: Not mere promises but practicality of the loan offers also matters here. From interest rates to repayments, everything is in your zone.

Obligations are not Limitations: We do not force you to provide collateral or bring out a guarantor, apply at your own convenience and get the funds in smooth manner.

Apply for Any Financial Purpose: The perfect amalgamation of your loan purpose and our loan product will bring an early peace of mind for you.


Finance Your Business with Best Deals

Loansonclick is exactly the lending hub where you can get exceptional finance deals to start your business or to expand the existing one.

We are the modern-age lender and following FinTech style of lending. Everything is processed online because that helps us to reach out at the maximum businesses. Your bad credit score does not matter at all and you can apply for the business loan deals according to your earning capacity. We present a perfect financial backup that does not ask for strict lending norms.

In a short span of time, we have been able to finance many businesses and help them to continue to contribute in the country’s economy. You can compare our rates to any other lending institution and you will find ours are so competitive as well as affordable.

  • Quick Fund Transfer
  • True Lending Values
  • Dedicated Team of Financial Experts

All these three factors are enough to bring out the best possible solutions to your commercial success. And, it will definitely boost your journey from start-up business to a larger enterprise.

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No Delay, Only Instant Approach

Submit your loan application now and trust us your loan approval will come on the same business day. You should either apply early in the day or early in the week for the loans and we definitely release the desired funds to your financial benefits. In fact, the distance between your aspirations and applied amount is just a few clicks away. Approach directly to us and there is absolutely no need of any third party in the form of guarantor or broker. Keep your savings intact and use loans to rectify your financial issues.

Why Loansonclick is Your Best Choice? Reasons are here

Simple Approach towards Lending

There is nothing extraordinary required to apply for the loans because our procedure is simple and straightforward.

Loans for Any Credit

Bad credit, good credit, fair credit or even very bad credit score, all are welcomed to avail loans on easy conditions.

Pursue Education without Fund Lacking

Focus on your study not on your finances because we will take care of them and provide relevant assistance to you.

Run Your Dream Car

Perfect car financing deals are available to explore and not much is there in terms of strict regulations.

Enjoy Holidays with Proper Funding

Use our holiday loans as your financial backup while enjoying the vacations with your near and dear ones.

Meet Personal Ends Easily

Instant funding access and minimum involvement of unnecessary criteria paves way for fulfilling personal desires.

See What Our Borrowers Are Saying

Share your experience with us and increase our confidence of taking care of your finances:

I found application procedure here is the main feature of this lender. I had applied without submitting anything in the name of the paperwork. This thing I like the most about them. Truly a reliable direct lender and will recommend to everyone.

- James David

Applying for the loans here in indeed a useful and unique experience. Last month, I approached them for business loans and they provided me quick approval and fund transfer. Now, I am feeling very relaxed and not worrying about the repayments, as they are not hefty. Overall a good experience with them.

- Adam Daniel

I was looking for a personalised loan offer despite having a bad credit score. By applying at Loansonclick , I felt very lucky to have instant funding access and now I am on the verge of improvement in the credit scores. Thanks a lot guys for personalised service offered to me.

- Jake Thomas

My small business is always in need of instant funds and thanks to Loanonclick that always provides me quick loans for any purpose. The instalments are small, the rate of interest is low and it is my favorite lender for any sort of business needs.

- Emily smith

After corona I was in a pathetic condition due to poor credit situations and I desperately wanted funds during the lockdown. Due to my poor credit, the lenders denied the application but the Loansonclick game me bad credit loans without any collateral.

- Oliver james

I am really impressed with the affordable car loan of Loansonclick because it is very rational in its terms and conditions and also repayment plans. Thanks to the customization feature that makes the borrowing process easy.

- John Thomas



Yes, it is possible to get a loan even if you live on rent. There are options available in the market where you can get unsecured personal loans in Ireland. You will not have to provide any security to avail the fund.

If you are applying at a reputed online lender like Loansonclick, getting the loan will be fast and simple. Just submit the online application along with the requested amount. If approved, you will get the funds within a few days directly on your account.


Getting a loan becomes hard with a poor credit rating due to the rigorous lending procedures. Fortunately, there are lenders in the market where you can get personal loans even with bad credit in Ireland. The lender offering this loan doesn’t take credit score as the only aspect into account for the approval. Other factors are checked to determine the payment capacity of the borrower:

  • Income status
  • Employment history
  • Credit utilisation ratio
  • Tenant history

The rate of interest might be slightly higher than the ones with high credit score, but the approval rate are high if you qualify other factors

How do I get a loan from genuine and honest private money lenders?

With a proper research of the marketplace, you can find out genuine and honest private money lenders in Ireland. There is no need to approach the broker, as you can do it online. LoansonClick is definitely one of those responsible lenders which provide loans on affordability and customer-friendly deals.

Can I get Personal Loan online in Ireland?

Easily you can get personal loan online in Ireland. There are many trustworthy online private lenders in Ireland providing the personal loans. It makes easier for the borrowers to get the approval quickly and with not much obligations to follow.

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