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January 30, 2021

Why do you want this job, what you liked most interested in working in this field and what brings you here to apply to this job- these are the most trending questions asked by the interviewer in an interview. This question is the leading cause of why most interviewees stuck in the interview.

These questions bring nervousness in you and get confused on what to answer to this them. In this blog, you shall get the answer like what you can assert while countering these types of questions, but before that, we shall understand the main reason behind these questions.

Why interviewer asks these questions

  • First of all, these types of questions are the traps that trap the interviewee and a protective question for the company. The manner you answer the question will determine the action of the company on your behalf whether you can be selected or get rejected.   
  • How it gets a protective question for the company can be devised with further statements. When you answer the question correctly or convince the interviewer with your answers, the interviewer will absolutely select you and send you for training.
  • The training would be entitled to the job you had applied for. When you are in the training period the company spends a lot on you as well as the time. Why? To train you and return, it expects you that you are perfectly fit for the job and give good results to the company.
  • What will be the situations when you start losing your interest in the job you had applied for, you will quit that job. When you quit the job, the company will face losses as it earlier invested a lot of money and time on your training. So, it is a protective question for the company and a trap for you.

Your mind shall be prepared what to tell while countering with the questions mentioned above regarding the office requirements through this blog. Also, the blog has stated the ideas of improving the best quality an interviewee should have.

Furthermore, the logic of getting financially strong herein have been imbibed with the laying prospection. This is for getting enough confidence in terms of monetary status through direct lending.

Interest versus need- does not matter

  • If you have an interest in the job, then it is really good. If you maintain your job to secure your financial goings, you must also give your answer with the perspective of getting the job.
  • It will be suitable for the HR of the company.

What you need to show and tell

  • You must present your interest, enthusiast and zest to get the job and convey your feelings to the interviewer how much you are excited to get the job. How much you have interest in the job placement- justify this to your interviewer.
  • You need to tell me about the skills and experiences you possess to be a suitable candidate as per the demand of a particular job. If you are experienced, it will be more feasible and convince the interviewer if you are merely a fresher.
  • I must tell of the experiences you prevailed in your school and college life to get suitability for the job’s particular field. You must tell me about the seminars and workshops you had attended regarding obtaining a job in the same field. The overall telling of your every little experience will be undoubtedly helpful for you in getting the job.
  • The interviewer will feel that you are not strange to the field and possess much information regarding the work within the organisation. He will fill with the idea of knowing about your experiences about the knowledge disregard with your naive.

What if having no qualifications

  • Many people do not have any degree or any other related qualifications. They have skills and experience.
  • They are highly interested and excited to make the commitments in maintaining the job’s challenges, but they are lack of proper and perfect qualification.

Ques What can be the convincing points enough to tackle the interview and turn it into your ring?

Ans You can simply answer you have learnt from somewhere that your company provides a better learning environment to the employees. You are comforting the interviewer by iterating about his company. 

Confidence with money

There is something more complicated and needful figure of personality development along with qualifications, enthusiasm, and interest. Money is the way ahead factor that decides the rest of the interview overwhelmed by the interviewer.

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The summarised part

The points mentioned above will help decide the job you can get quickly with no spoiled abject. In future, whenever you are going for an interview, do remember that these types of questions can be asked from you and you must answer them correctly.

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