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March 1, 2021

Samuel Langley, an American Astronomer, you might ever hear this name, but during the 20th century, his name was commonly published in newspapers. This happened because, at that time as on even today, people think that to get success, we need three things.

These three things include capital, smart working team and nice market condition. Fortunately, Samuel had all three aspects that were the reason why his name was common at that time. He received 50 dollars from the war department to prepare a flying machine flying in the air.

It means that he was with no lack of money. He had his contacts with global smart and great mankind. He had a great network around the world. He arranged a team with the help of smart people and based on the vast capital.

The another condition

At that time, the market condition was ideal for his endeavours. New York Times was covering all his moments all day and night. Far from his company and working committee, there were Wright brothers who were also approaching towards their dreams.

They had nothing, and they had less capital. They had to collect money from their bicycle shop. They had no single person who had acquired education, and so far as they also could not get an education. No newspaper was covering their moves. In short, they had no success receipt.

Nevertheless, in December 1903, they became successful in making a flying machine that can take the man into the huge sky called Airplane. It was the first day in the life of human history that they took a flight in the sky, but there was no one there to see their success.

People came to know after many days. People thought that Samuel Langley had enough sources to invent anything, but he failed. While on the other hand, the Wright brothers had nothing, then how could they become successful in making this possible?

The Golden rule

The reason is hidden in a principal factor called The Golden Circle. This idea suggests that some leaders make inspired and encourage others and become successful, but most people could not be able to. It does not matter how much money is got invested.

This idea is based on three questions like what, how and why. Every person does know what he is doing, but he cannot get success without finding the purpose. Every person knows why they do like engineering and doctorate, and if they are doing their job, they see the company’s prospects were at work.

Some people know how they do it or how their organization work, but significantly fewer people know why they are doing it. Whatever they are doing, what is the reason behind that. Here I want to clarify why it does not mean money or making a profit.

‘Why’ means making results and not the reasons for doing work. Actually, ‘why’ means whatever you do. You must know the purpose, what makes you believe in it and what is the cause. If you and your company are only heading towards making profits, you will go in the wrong direction.

A study was conducted that 87% of people do not know what exactly brings them to do their jobs. They are walking like zombies after money. Individuals and companies can move towards the 24-hour loans in Ireland in this aspect and retard the strain of money.

Today, most companies work to earn profits and focus on what and how instead of focusing on the primary purpose ‘why’. This is the reasons why they do not make themselves inspiring for others and could not create a long term success like Apple.

They communicate with the people who happen to go from outside to inside, like first with what, then how, and then ends. Whilst inspiring people and company do opposite to it. They communicate from inside to outside. First, they focus on why then how and then what.

For example, if Apple had communicated with the people and worked in the same way from outside to inside, their marketing message was probably like this. “We make stylish and great computers which are made up of quality material, beautiful design and with the use of best technology. Do you want to buy it?” Apple Company could not have reached the motive of ‘why’.

Comparing our things to others and telling about their inferiorities and self superiorities can never work to bring the customers.

Our goal should not like to gain profits by doing business deals with those who need our products, but instead, we should go for the business with those who believe in our beliefs. This feels if you wish to make financial support that can be perceived with loans for bad credit in Ireland.         

The biological reason- why people do not inspire with what and how?

If we see the structural cross-section of the brain, it is categorized into three main parts related to the golden circle. Our new brain, which is also called Neo Homo sapiens brain, consists of the neocortex that responds to the WHAT level of the golden circle. It is responsible for recognizing logical and analytical thinking and interpreting the language.

The other two parts collectively make a part that makes the limbic brain that inherits feelings. This prospect of the brain controls trust, loyalty and including decision making. When a company communicates from outside to inside, the people understand the facts, figures, and complicated information but does not help them take the abstract decision.

At the final wring out

Though, if a company communicates with the people from inside to outside with the use of WHY, they are tackling the limbic brain. This drives their emotions, behaviour and inspires them to take some actions. Then HOW and WHAT makes that WHY sound logical.

This is the reason how many people are going with Apple the most.

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