Express Your Love
February 16, 2021

A very rich man had everything but was unhappy though. Once an author asked him about his mood and why does he not be happy with his wealth and look so tensed all the time. The rich man exclaimed that there is no profit in being an owner of luxury cars and extreme wealth.

There are no benefits of coming up with a name and so much fame when your family does not love you. He was not happy at all because his family does not care about him and not even ask him for his life’s feelings. This was the reason why he was still in gloomy moods all the time.

Love and Fear- The dominating emotions

A person lives with two dominating emotions that allow him to have whether a happy or a gloomy life. These ‘love and fear’ have a firm place in a person’s life. I personally feel that feeling of love is more powerful than fear.

Fear makes a person stronger, which is enough to make him carve out the way in the mountain. And on the other hand, makes a strong, healthy and wealthy person, weaker that does not allow him to at least have food on his own. 

Not talking about others’ feelings, but we need a lot of love to stay happy and advent all the time. It does not matter, you possess so much in your life, but without love and a lover, your life will seem worst to you. It is not spoken or not, we want some people close to us, give their time and love to us.

Emotion and love tank

The love from parents to their children love from the life partner, and at the end, the love forms our friends. Every person has an invisible love tank inside, that can only be filled with nothing but love from others.

The long he receives the love form others, their life keeps stable him emotionally and mentally. In short, he lives happy. When he starts losing the love from the people close to him, the tank keeps on emptying. It makes him unstable emotionally and mentally.

He gets frustrated and in the end. With the emptiness of the tank, the relationships begin to have clashes generated from diverse opinions and disagreements. In the worst case, quarrelling, sadness, arguments and all other bad things lead to decreasing the love and finally deteriorating the relationships. 

Filling the love tank

We need to fill the capacity of that love tank inside, enough to stay happy with the aim of feeling happy. Sadly, it is not happening now, as people are denied the kind of love they expect from others.

This cannot be that those particular people do not love us; they merely have a different sense and language of love. We all are not expert in understanding every other element of presenting love, and thus we do not feel their love for us at any stance.  

Our mother tongue is our primary language, and this primary language can completely fill up the emotional and love tank. Love language can be easily interpreted in primary language that can go through the heart of the beloved person.       

Languages of love

There are a total of five languages of love and if you want to maintain the relationship with your parents, family and life partner and keep on improving it. You must know the features of love through their expressing languages.

You must know which language among them all as their primary language and make them feel comfortable and delightful. After learning their primary language, you must express your love towards them so that their emotional tank is always filled with love and delight.

First Love language- Words of Affirmation

A couple always spends time quarrelling with each other. The husband did try everything to makes his wife happy. He spent hours in the office to earn money and bring it to his wife. He sometimes helped his wife with domestic chores. For this, his wife always respected him.

Perhaps, all these attempts failed as his wife did not realise her husband’s life for her. At this, his husband looked at her in vexation, but here there was no mistake of his wife. This was right that the husband was doing everything to become an ideal husband, but he never told how much he loved her.

He never admired her for her looks and work. He thought the expressing love with words and with acts only looks cool in movies but not in real life. According to him, true love is to care and do something specific for the family that he always did.

His wife’s primary love language was words of affirmation, which he did not possess, and the relationship was not as good as expected.

Second love language- Quality Time

Spending some quality time with them whom you have love will surely make them feel undivided attention from you.   

Third love language- Receiving gifts

Everybody feels happy while receiving gifts. The people with this language as their primary language do expect others to treat them accordingly. Gifts are actually extraordinary. They help in making others feel that you have someplace in their heart for them. Make it a habit.

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Fourth language- Acts of service

People with this as their primary language can only be satisfied with the acts you perform for them. In the couple’s example, we saw that husband was doing everything for his wife to make her feel happy and loved, but the wife had no idea of his love.

Fifth love language- Physical Touch

Today thinking has become poor when we hear about physical touch. You must be cleared with the fact that Physical touch does not mean being falling into sexual relationships. Actually, it is a very sacred language of showing love.

Patting, hugging, kissing on hands and head, shaking hands etc., do all come under the physical touch and expressing love.


You have learnt that there should be an understanding of primary language, using that language to fill the emotion tank as they are the most impacting features. Love expression is the natural and needful abject of human psychology. We have to sustain it until our existence.        

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